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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Anita Lettink

Show Notes

As keynote speaker, Anita shares insights and perspectives about the future of work and pay, including the changes that web3 and the metaverse will bring.

"I am the founder of HRTechRadar, where I support HR Leaders and investors in evaluating the latest solutions. And I help emerging HR Tech companies reach their full potential".

Ross and Anita talk about innovation, influencing, HR, leadership, insights, emerging trends, publishing a book, payrolls, asking the right questions, advice, bridging information gaps, managing incomes, financial problems.  consequences, engagement, crypto, future learning, the metaverse, understanding how things work and forming opinions. The pair also discuss blockchain in HR, experimenting, immersive experiences, applying technology appropriate technology, understanding your audience, mitigating risks, digital simulations, peaking interest, experimenting, different experiences, driving change and writing a book.


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  • 00:28 Intro to Anita
  • 01:52 What has Anita been grateful for over the last 30 days
  • 03:15 Creating Anita's book
  • 06:40 New ways people are getting value for their contributions
  • 08:43 Focusing on payroll
  • 11:42 Value exchange between employers and employees
  • 16:54 Anita's vision for working in future environments
  • 21:16 Choices effecting organisations and how to behave
  • 25:14 Leadership teams embracing new things positively
  • 31:56 Experimenting with VR and AR
  • 39:30 Further preparation for HR leadership
  • 42:52 The power of asking
  • 45:54 Development and good will
  • 50:42 The last time Anita did something for the first time

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