Predictions Around Work with Ankita Poddar, HR Bandit Host and Sr. HR Business Partner at AWS




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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Ankita Poddar

Show Notes

Ankita Poddar is a blogger, writer, and host of the podcast - HR Bandit,  passionate about all things HR & Behavioural Economics.

People Matters India identified her as one of 15 'Emerging HR Leaders' in the country in 2016.  Top 50 HR Influencers in the country by SHRM India in 2019  and top 20 HR influencers in the country by ETHRWorld, from The Economic Times India.

She has been with Amazon for over 6 years, in L&D and HR Business partner roles.

Ross and Ankita talk about HR, maths, physics, business school, playing games, discovery, experimenting, context, computer games, too much of something, virtual worlds, choice and modes of operation. The pair also discuss environmental queues, diversity, adapting, taking things too seriously, curiosity, being uncomfortable, decisions for the future and what are we missing out on.


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  • 01:07 A bit of Ankita's background
  • 02:02 Ankita's favourite subject at school
  • 03:40 Her career journey after school
  • 05:34 Combining work with games
  • 08:37 Changing old methods 
  • 10:34 The metaverse in learning mode
  • 15:05 Leaders dealing with so much choice and balancing it
  • 19:55 Opposing thoughts
  • 22:28 Diverse inputs being disregarded 
  • 24:27 Starting experimental mindsets
  • 29:05 Predictions around work in 5-10 years
  • 35:52 What should children be focusing on
  • 41:52 Thoughts on being open 
  • 47:10 The last time Ankita did something for the first time

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