Re-imagining work

Human Resources


Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Brian Kropp

Show Notes

Brain is  Group Vice President at Gartner providing Cutting Edge Insights to the Most Progressive HR Executives. Launching a mix of new products and services to enable senior executives to take decisive actions.

* Leading content experiences for ReImagineHR, the largest and most important event for senior HR executives.
* Overseas global research strategy and deliverables for HR Leaders and their teams across the globe.

15 years, as Practice manager, MD of the HR Practice,.

Ross and Brian discuss not giving up, persistence, behaviour, working from different places, returning to work, employee frustration, rules, productive environments, politics at work, shared objectives and bringing people together. The pair also discuss decision making, remote working, rewriting old playbooks, history, finding the right people for organisations, being around smart people, curiosity, wonder, questioning, different viewpoints, automation, staying healthy, efficiency and fragility.


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  • 00:41 Brian's dog Nutella
  • 03:17 Moments of tenacity during Brian's career 
  • 06:18 Frustrating and exciting HR
  • 11:03 Hybrid and remote work, working well
  • 21:56 Re-imagining work
  • 26:16 Going from Brian Kroppcycnzski to Brian Kropp
  • 31:07 Defining smart people 
  • 33:59 Dealing with frustrating questions
  • 38:53 Pressure and dealing with it
  • 43:01 Understanding and leveraging wellness
  • 51:00 The last time Brian did something for the first time

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