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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Colin Iles

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With a background in the finance industry, having started his career at Deutsche Bank, then Barclays, Standard Bank, and 5 years as the MD at ABSA Group. And for the last 6 years the founder of his own business. Innovation Catalysts.

Colin values education and meaningful conversations, a past deputy chair at university of cape town,  he enjoys sharing ideas on leadership, innovation and strategy with the hope that now and then it catalyses positive change.

Ross and Colin talk about Middle East investment, transformation, the AI revolution, US elections, AI disruption, misinformation, humanity, stories, amplifying, markets changing, technology, Start-up opportunities, regulations, hierarchy, division, dilemmas, exponential change, Thomas Cook and loss making organisations. The pair also discuss share price, purposeful organisations, investing, low risk investments, helping outside the traditional, high belief, passion, risk, sales, telling an awesome story,  shareholders support, pushing things through, wanting good service, cheaper investments, Forbs Africa, taking risks and speed of learning.


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  • 00:31 Colin's background
  • 01:50 What is Colin most excited about
  • 06:11 Dangers for leaders in organisations and dealing with challenges
  • 11:29 Examples of Colin driving innovation
  • 17:58 The optimal level of companies
  • 23:59 Organisations building, borrowing and buying
  • 29:50 Bringing in new ideas when they aren't in your job description
  • 35:01 Best places for innovation opportunities
  • 37:23 The last time Colin did something for the first time

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