The Power of Perception

Human Potential


Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Dr. Maja Zelihic

Show Notes

Dr. Maja (Maya) Zelihic  is in the global 100 inspirational leaders, with the likes of Richard Branson, opera winery, Elon musk and Jeff Bezos. Published in over 20+ peer-reviewed journals.

Her book The Power of Perception, co-authored with Dr. Diane Hamilton, was released in December 2020 and in June 2020 Dr Diane was our first podcast guest here on decoding AQ.

Ross and Maja talk about immigration, refuging, environment, survival, studying, open mindedness, childhood, education, learning, shaping ourselves, the developing world, accelerating progression during the pandemic, utilising technology and  creation through destruction. The pair also discuss curiosity, culture, communication, familiarity, emotional intelligence, processing, conversations, mindfulness, mindset, hardwiring, hierarchy, stability, calm, chaos, fishing to be right, humility, being wrong, coexistence, judging people and fear of judgment.


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  • 02:00 Maja's background
  • 04:14 Moving to Florida as a refugee
  • 07:01 Evolving to where Maja is now
  • 08:49 Maja's Grandfather
  • 11:14 Adapting with Education Technology and industry shift
  • 13:54 Performing and learning in leadership development
  • 17:03 Perception and how it relates to change
  • 20:00 Being fearful of bad perception
  • 23:39 Advantages and disadvantages of perception
  • 30:31 Structuring to thrive
  • 34:28 Shifting perception when it's difficult and against validation
  • 39:17 Student mindset
  • 41:37 The last time Maja did something for the first time
  • 45:20 Ways to help and support Maja

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