Adapting to executive coaching



Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Jeff Smith, MCEC - Founder & CEO of SupportingLines Institute

Show Notes

Jeff is a Certified Executive Coach, Chartered Professional Accountant and Certified Dharma Yoga Instructor.

His mission is to inspire leaders and help teams perform - so that millions of people become engaged in their work.  He believes that great leaders see supporting lines, not reporting linesTM

SupportingLines™ offers a simple, yet powerful framework to improve performance and increase engagement.

Framework offerings:
- Help People Grow™ - individual performance management
- Achieve More Goals™ - organizational goal-setting
- SupportingLines Insights™ - data driven insights to improve performance & increase engagement
- Leading with SupportingLines™ - leadership development that builds from strengths
- SupportingLines Yoga for Leaders™: powerful practices to support leadership development

Ross and Jeff talk about contradictions, adaptability, fast pace change, learning from bad leaders, culture, insights, planning compared to outcomes, the parts people don't do,
supporting the most important goals and creating meaning. The pair also discuss objectives, key results, supporting lines, yoga in work, breathing, composure,  vulnerability, high performers, employee feedback, development, trying things, decision trees,  holding clients accountable.


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  • 01:03 Jeff's journey to adapting to excutive coaching
  • 08:20 Goal setting in coaching
  • 13:47 Practical planning
  • 20:43 Yoga in leadership
  • 26:39 Composure in leadership
  • 35:24 Feedback you don't want to act on
  • 44:00 Resiliance research
  • 46:17 The last time Jeff did something for the first time

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