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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Jennifer McClure - CEO of Unbridled Talent & DisruptHR | Keynote Speaker

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Jennifer McClure is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and high-performance coach who works with leaders to leverage their influence, increase their impact, and accelerate results.

Frequently recognized as a global influencer and expert on the future of work, strategic leadership and innovative people strategies, Jennifer has decades of in-the-trenches leadership and executive experience working in and with startups, privately held companies, and Fortune 500 organizations in a variety of industries.

Provides education, coaching and strategy consulting services for businesses and business Leaders looking for guidance in the areas of leadership, executive communication skills and talent strategy.
 ♦ Keynote Speaking
 ♦ Workshops & Training
 ♦ Executive Coaching
 ♦ Strategic Consulting

Ross and Jennifer talk about leadership, succession planning, Keynote speaking, building careers, teaching, training, challenging assignments, trying new things to evolve, innovation, working with the best, big commitments, value, growth, preparing for the future. The pair also discuss development, career paths, learning, adaptability, understanding resistance, encouraging and learning from failure, rewarding effort, imposter syndrome, self reflection, bad habits and engaging people.


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  • 01:01 Jennifer's last keynote
  • 02:26 What Jennifer loves and hates about speaking
  • 07:19 The most impactful growth during Jennifer's career
  • 09:22 The 'Defence Business Board'
  • 16:57 Fundamentals of what's going to be essential for the next decade
  • 22:41 Increasing employment ability and proactive tips for leaders
  • 29:01 Upskilling, reskilling and navigating what's coming
  • 33:19 Feeling lost and becoming dislodged to transcending 
  • 36:48 Companies transitioning towards performance over learning
  • 42:13 If Jennifer was to hire herself
  • 47:28 The last time Jennifer did something for the first time

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