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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Joel Monk

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Joel Monk is a leadership coach, educator, facilitator and entrepreneur.

Back in 2009, He co-founded Coaches Rising, a company on the cutting edge of online coach training with a community of nearly 50,000 coaches. Coaches Rising programs regularly include participants from every continent on the planet and they have collaborated with some of the leading minds in the field of human development and coaching.

I personally loved the 'Neuro Science of Change' a 14 week program I took part in, alongside over 500 other coaches last year - and it truly was excellent.

Joel is dedicated to the development of conscious, creative, entrepreneurial leaders.

Ross and Joel talk about breakdowns, change, quests, pilgrimages, the meaning of life, powerful experiences, deconstruction, Buddhism, coaching, art, guidance, transformations, connecting with people, DJing, creating spaces, treating trauma, starting a business, passion, sense of meaning, deepening intelligence and being mistuned. The pair also discuss impact by society, including the body, awareness, emotions, adapting, psychedelic experiences, situational awareness, developing competency, transformation, curiosity, ego, leadership, measuring performance, philosophy, bridging gaps, modernity and Shaktipa.


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  • 00:32 Joel's background
  • 01:40 Joel's journey into coaching
  • 07:40  Building a community in coaches rising
  • 11:53 Full embodiment coaching
  • 19:55 Psychedelics
  • 26:18 Competency and polarity
  • 29:22 Expanding our bandwidth    
  • 32:01 Shifting from individuals to systems when coaching
  • 38:00 Coaches Rising's focuses on influencing & evolving coaching
  • 45:17 The last time Joel did something for the first time

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