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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. John Sanei

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John Sanei is not only revolutionizing the way we approach the future, but he is also equipping us with the courage and determination needed to bring about lasting change.

Globally renowned keynote speaker, futures strategist, 5-time bestselling author, Singularity University and Duke CE faculty member, Associate Partner at the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, Chief of Tomorrow Board Member, and podcaster at The Expansive.

Book - Who do we become - self evolution

With a unique blend of neuroscience, psychology, quantum science, business strategy, and futurism, John delivers talks, writes books, conducts masterclasses, and serves on boards to guide future-minded leaders who are willing to embrace uncertainty, overcome doubt, and rise to the challenge with courage, clarity, and determination.

Ross and John talk about priorities, change, seeing things differently, teaching, self reflection, meditation retreats, emotional blockages, accessing your genius, achievements, curiosity, dealing with trauma, Elizabeth Gilbert, stress, holding light inside yourself, scaring audiences, the psychology of change, evolving, following systems, uniqueness, making our brains mailable, Einstein, significant jumps in human intelligence, brain states, psychedelics, imagination, education, catastrophising, deadlines, alpha and beta brainwaves, addictions to panic, adaptability, arrogance, bad states, mindset, hyper awareness, energy, mental flexibility, mood, our bodies, deep futures, neuroscience, the future, biases, technology scams, physical 100, responsibility, curiosity, excitement, leaving nobody behind, valuing questions, imagination, slums, education and profound happiness.


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  • 00:35 John's bio
  • 02:08 John's spark from transition and mindset to making a greater impact
  • 05:01 Practical changes during the transition
  • 09:07 Hardware and software upgrades we need as humanity
  • 17:04 Following systems
  • 22:01 Embracing AI while under pressure from it
  • 28:08 Research John is doing right now
  • 33:53 Explosions of creativity and living books
  • 36:52 Digital dictatorships and blockchain democracies
  • 42:14 Hope
  • 44:06 The last time John did something for the first time

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