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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Michael Easley

Show Notes

Michael Easley is an Author, Executive Coach, former CEO and soon to be Therapist.

He spent almost 22 years as CEO at Powder River Energy Corporation. Prior to joining PRECorp, Mike had worked for various other electric cooperatives in the USA.  

Mike’s most recent book is The No-Øs of Leadership. The No-Øs introduces a new model of leadership built around empathy and self-awareness and inspires the reader to begin a journey towards being a Leader Worth Following.  

Ross and Michael talk about his book, leadership, safety of people, advising, letting things subside, innovation, building power lines, wildlife, co-ops, anticipating directions, preparation, improving, thinking decades ahead, creating incentives, finding solutions, solving big problems and the energy crisis. The pair also discuss knock on effects, friction,transformation over time, self awareness, empathy, leadership failures, Ken Blanchard, developing leaders, motivation, mindset, trust, letting go, helping people do their jobs, harmony, balance, the flow of leadership and positivity in darkness.


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  • 00:35 Mike's intro and bio
  • 02:19 Life past being CEO at PRECorp
  • 06:31 Highlights of shifting innovation the industry
  • 14:20 XPRIZE explained
  • 19:36 Michael's motivations with transition, shifting to coaching and what he anticiptes
  • 23:55 Successes becoming friction over time
  • 31:57 Impacts when coaching people
  • 38:42 Where leadership is going next and organisations being ready
  • 45:35 The last time Michael did something for the first time

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