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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Mita Mallick

Show Notes

Mita's LinkedIn newsletter "Brown Table Talk" is published weekly, where she unpacks insights from her podcast by the same name, which is part of the exclusive LinkedIn podcast network.

Mita has spent over 15 years as a storyteller, leading iconic brands like AVEENO, AVON Color Cosmetics, Chapstick, Vaseline, Suave and Dove. Throughout her career, she has fought hard to ensure people like herself are included.

As a fierce advocate of including and representing Black and Brown communities, her work made sure Black and Brown people were represented in campaigns together with championing products to be created for all skin tones.

Ross and Mita talk about advertisements, Dove adverts, inclusive environments, representation, different times, demographic change, diversity, consumers, experimenting, pulling data together, youth obsessed culture, serving people better, cross cultural differences, shattering stereotypes, myth busting, book deals, following your passion and having an opinion. The pair also discuss being relatable,  knowing your audience, evolving society, creativity, discipline, meetings, presenting work, hearing things you don't want to hear, coaching, company potential, being valued, the voice of the employee, companies matching internal with external optics, non bucket lists and seeing things with new eyes.


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  • 00:51:20 Mita's background
  • 02:11:12 Mita's favourite advert growing up
  • 05:55:09 The speed of progress
  • 08:34:13 How Mita has transformed the workplace
  • 12:04:04 Influencing and biases
  • 15:39:21 Reimagining inclusion
  • 17:57:09 Mita's book -"Reimagine Inclusion"
  • 20:54:02 Book - "The Hidden Edge" by Jody Rodgers
  • 21:49:11 Seeing people's thoughts
  • 23:11:11 Mita's journey with writing and Wiley publishers
  • 27:54:16 Surprises learned when writing a book
  • 30:29:08 Mita's next novel
  • 31:12:12 Ross's book - Decoding AQ
  • 33:51:04 Leadership tips
  • 40:11:02 Retaining people in the right way
  • 41:37:03 What is Mita proud of and her impacts
  • 43:22:19 The last time Mita did something for the first time

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