Mastering Executive Transitions

Human Resources


Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Navid Nazemian, PCC

Show Notes

Navid helps executives de-risk & accelerate their career transition. Author of the international bestseller Mastering Executive Transitions, a global keynote speaker, and HR‘s Most Influential Practitioner in 2022.  

He has spent time as a University Lecturer, and has held multiple senior HR roles in FTSE 500 companies like adidas, GE, BAT and most recently as Group Head of HR at vodafone - London


So, having spent 26 years in blue chip multi national companies, Navid considers himself to be incredibly lucky.   

He has now embarked on perhaps one of the biggest executive transitions in his life - as he begins a new journey to dedicate himself full time to #Coaching and the body of work that is in #MasteringExecutiveTransitions.

Ross and Navid talk about HR, multinational companies, change, the global economy, coaching, working with leaders, seeing projects through, major transformation,  book - The best 90 days, plans, different phases, discovery, flexibility, human nature,  transition of employee life cycle and shifting employees. The pair also discuss new environments, augmented reality, goals, leadership, objectives,  high value activities ,aligning expectations, meaningful meetings, culture of familiarisation, development, coaching, discovery, human nature, success and new things.


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  • 00:37 Navid's bio intro
  • 01:45 Transitioning to Mastering Executive Transitions
  • 04:43 Navid's books and their journeys
  • 09:41 Executive transitions and the challenges they are facing
  • 13:50 Double diamond framework and unboarding
  • 20:08 Dealing with Hybrid transitions and companies onboarding with VR
  • 30:12 Ways executive transitions can apply across the business
  • 37:02 Diversity bias at leadership level
  • 43:34 Dealing with crisis early in a new role
  • 50:48 The last time Navid did something for the first time

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