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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Patricia Bender

Show Notes

In her first year with IBM, she achieved Rookie of the Year by selling 140% of quota and went on to claim top performance awards for the next ten years - a rare accomplishment.


For four consecutive years, Pat was in the top 2% in performance at IBM and was honored with four Golden Circle Awards. Her final year at IBM, Pat earned the distinguished award as the Top Sales Representative in the country.  

Over the last 30 years Pat has crafted and honed her unique ability in helping organizations around the world increase their growth, profitability and productivity by helping them hire, develop and retain top performing sales and leadership talent.  

Like many of us, we are shaped by our parents, and Pat is no different with the hard work ethic and some core family values instilled from an early age.  

Ross and Patricia talk about IBM, parents influence, timekeeping, music, sales, packed agendas, goals, travel, being driven, becoming number 1, loving what you do, sales, re-engineering, drive, seminars, surgery, partners, support, re-developing work, priorities, sacrifice, new approaches, critical moments, new capabilities, asking for help, frustrations, awareness is power and blinds spots. The pair also discuss behavioural styles, power to win, adaptability, motivations, values, trust, change, attitude, leadership excellence, mental toughness, achieving goals, fear, adaptability, strengths, weaknesses, overcoming obstacles, continually learning, giving back and resilience. Then finish on persistence, motivations, mental toughness, resilience, Miro, new technology, reflections, grief and collaborating.


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  • 00:35 Patricia's background
  • 01:57 Typing and speed writing 
  • 02:48 Values from childhood  
  • 08:00 Patricia's Shift to running her own business
  • 12:30 Best aspects of motivational speaking
  • 14:15 What Patricia learnt from starting her own business
  • 27:40 Organisations dealing with Accelerated change 
  • 30:15 Help Seeing different perspectives
  • 39:11 Steps to training others and what they should be learning
  • 47:32 The last time Patricia did something for the first time
  • 51:49 Final thoughts and Patricia's late husband Bob

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