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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Pranav Bhanage - CEO Petronas

Show Notes

Pranav is a speaker, mentor, coach and CEO of PETRONAS' a global energy company with over 30k employees and a presence in 50 countries. He is a recognized Global-Top 200 Thought-Leader

We are living in a world of accelerating change, increasing uncertainty, where the ones who are good with chaos, with flux, with adaptability are able to navigate the journey with a smile, but many the reality is many are struggling.

"He knows how to motivate teams and carry them all along to achieve the goals. He is a great down-to-earth communicator, a person with meticulous analytical skill, open mindedness, and healthy dose sense of humour"

"Pranav is famous for being extremely reliable, effective and results orientated"

Ross and Pranav talk about sustained environments, learning, strong individuals, flux, evolution, sustained stress, rest, purpose, who we surround ourselves with, early warning signs, wrong decisions, data, AI, flexibility in decisions, profit and fundamentals. The pair also discuss  sustained business models, improvement, innovation, processing information, listening to people, conflicting ideas, culture, failure, decision making, experimenting, learning curves, curiosity and not  taking things too seriously.


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  • 00:42 Introduction to Pranav
  • 01:59 What Pranav is most excited about 
  • 08:24 learning and reflecting when constantly performing under pressure
  • 14:31 Decision making in high stress environments
  • 20:08 Rewarding progress and measuring outcome 
  • 26:18 What Pranav is listening to right now to shape his mindset
  • 32:21 Dealing with unexpected data and early warning signals
  • 39:34 The last time Pranav did something for the first time

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