Core skills for the next 3-5 years

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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Pratik Thakker

Show Notes

Pratik is founder of several tech companies inc Webzoly a customer support, sales and marketing agency, & Testlify, a talent assessment platform.

Pratik received the Indian Achievers' Award in 2021, now living in Israel, he is Israel’s #1 LinkedIn Influencer, a TEDx Speaker, and was featured in the Times 40 Under 40 and has 193,725+ Followers on LinkedIn.

"Now I help Israeli tech companies grow in India and Asia-Pacific (APAC) by providing the local team, capital and drive the marketing, sales and growth."

 Ross and Pratik talk about success, failure, family business, entrepreneurship, life lessons, Bill Gates, selling yourself, sales, speaking, being successful ,relationships, support, depression, anxiety, fighting, outsourcing, the metaverse, the future of work, working anywhere, adaption, balance, sleep. The pair also discuss interviewing people, expectations, cost of living, Ikigai, people skills, connections, being consistent, 1000 days on something, optimising, learning from mistakes, trust, going viral, LinkedIn, rewards, commitments, taking action, accountability, App - Timehop, reflecting, progress, gratitude and getting over phobias.


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  • 00:32 Pratik's bio
  • 01:21 Business journeys
  • 02:45 Pratik's background up and downs
  • 10:06 Role models
  • 13:13 Career decisions - Personal life with business life
  • 18:57 Remote working
  • 29:00 Core skills for the next 3-5 years
  • 36:17 Networking
  • 33:02 Improving connections
  • 42:48 Discipline
  • 49:06 The last time Pratik did something for the first time

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