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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Richard Hinton

Show Notes

Richard started as in intern in Gillette, followed by a couple of years in HR at a media and marketing company, before joining Shawmut almost 16 years ago, Shawmut is a $1.3B Design and Construction firm, which is 100% employee owned - by over 1000 employees.  

Richard has a unique ability to streamline training strategies and enhancing work performance, employee morale, and HR best practices. "I pride myself in my expertise developing innovative HR initiatives to restructure processes/programs and capitalize on organization growth opportunities."

He sees investment in talent enablement and growth as critical to the companies market advantage and overall company growth.

Ross and Richard talk about being ready for the unexpected, uncertainty, growth, experiences, travel, failure, culture, new roles, hiring, HR, developing, hybrid work spaces, managing people, supporting people, re-evaluating, burnout, quick fixes and thriving.

The pair also discuss connections, understanding, Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI), families, carer development, choosing a direction, trusting technology, adapting, innovation, virtual reality, investment, work life balance, empathy, compassion, hope, care and saying no.


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  • 00:28 Introduction to Richard
  • 02:34 Richard's move from Boston to New York
  • 03:55 Change and challenging himself
  • 05:31 Challenges setting up a new office
  • 07:56 Transitioning roles at work
  • 10:22 Navigating change in a large company
  • 16:37 Dealing with exhaustion
  • 20:06 Developing teams and thriving
  • 23:06 Personalised development plans
  • 26:18 Dealing with resistance to technology
  • 31:29 The dangers of not overcoming change
  • 35:16 Leadership predictions for the next 3-5 years
  • 38:38 Intent rings
  • 42:19 The last time Richard did something for the first time

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