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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Stacey Richey

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Stacey is a highly experienced leader who has helped build high-growth tech companies by converging a data-driven and heart-led approach to people operations.

Working in talent for some of the biggest and fastest growing tech companies on the planet, like google, logicmonitor and Toast.

At Toast - Stacey Led the Go-to-Market hiring function for this global software company in hyper-growth; responsible for hiring over 3,000 people per year. Built out several new people analytics dashboards in order to measure progress against the annual operating plan.

Stacey is now the VP of People at Corvus, an insurance company who leverage the power of AI and collaboration to not only make the world a safe place, but amassing multiple 'best places to work awards along the way.

Ross and Stacey talk about finding talent, hiring, business outcomes, strategic questions, developing talent, company growth, success, psychological safety, comfort, belonging, willingness to adapt, connections, hardship, humanity, communication channels, improv, workcations, mistakes, learning, sharing with others and different cultures. The pair also discuss development, hyper-personalised experiences, sharing experiences, learning from others, reaching out, translations, flexibility, thinking globally, PTO, hybrid organisations, clear intentions, empowerment, managing to results and threats versus social rewards.


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  • 00:25 Stacey's background
  • 01:42 Choosing to work with people
  • 03:10 Biggest shifts when changing roles
  • 06:00 Broader skill sets over focusing on one area
  • 09:33 Secrets for going through change successfully
  • 11:59 Fostering Connections
  • 18:07 Peoples disconnections and shifting
  • 23:28 Activities to prepare for new thigs
  • 27:32 Surprises from opening up new geographical regions
  • 31:17 Occasions and challenges with too much flexibility
  • 33:34 Duvet days
  • 36:49 Balancing coming into the office with remote working
  • 42:47 Dealing with shifts
  • 45:02 The last time Stacey did something for the first time

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