Creating More Inclusive and Collaborative Cultures



Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Suzie Lewis

Show Notes

Suzie is Managing Director at Transform for Value, Podcast host of "Let's talk Transformation" podcasts and an Executive coach.

Susie spent almost two decades at Airbus - holding various senior roles, from digital transformation, Head of leadership learning, and head of diversity & inclusion.  

Suzie describes her quest is to constantly bridge the gap between digital and human and create more inclusive and collaborative cultures in organisations.


Suzie and Ross talk about coaching, transformation, bridging gaps, imbedding inclusion, inclusivity, impact, people, perfect imperfections, reacting to change, curiosity, perfectionism, letting go of control, strong leaders, nothings impossible, empathy, human reactions, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, compromising, decision making, stress, fear and shame. The pair also discuss controlling reactions, observations, relationships, practice, listening, struggles, lived experience, creativity, culture, friction, Marshall Goldsmith, fitting in, communities, access to skills, mantras, reaching out for help, building for the future, empowerment and setting up a new business.


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  • 00:25 Suzie's intro and what she's grateful for
  • 03:33 Transformation' and how it started
  • 05:41 Dealing with challenges
  • 10:06 Helping facilitate Transitions
  • 15:41 Dealing with aversions to experiments
  • 20:08 Insights from - Dare to lead
  • 24:42 Emotional Literacy and book 'your body is your brain'
  • 28:37 Recrafting systems
  • 35:58 Behind the scenes of being more inclusive
  • 43:58 Practical ways to helping with discomfort
  • 49:56 The last time Suzie did something for the first time

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