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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Tugba Yanaz

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Tugba Yanaz is the founder of LEAD + VISION, a vision-based Leadership Coaching and Consulting firm. Tugba is a PCC-certified Leadership Development Coach by the International Coaching Federation and a former Fortune500-Executive.

Her vision-based coaching approach helps executives and emerging leaders overcome limiting beliefs and build inner confidence and a future vision that fuels leaders every day with passion and purpose.  

Building from almost 2 decades at Flex, a manufacturing and supply chain business, where she was a VP, responsible for building two business units, one in the automotive and consumer electronics industries with over a $1B rev each (40K employees)  

Detox your Calendar, Regain your Energy and Transform your Life!  

Ross and Tugba discuss moving, resistance, changing industry, leading strong characters, coaching, accelerating growth, limitations,  transformational leadership, jobs to be done, overcoming limiting beliefs, serving, adapting, parallel communities, stability, challenges, growth, principles, curiosity, learning, vision, intentional paths,
experience, leadership adaptability, obsolete playbooks being rewritten and employees being comfortable with change. The pair also discuss human potential, interaction,  not being afraid of change, coaches needing coaches, being aware of blind spots, employee engagement, structure, goals, focusing attention, delivering content development, giving yourself options, what's working, ROI, frameworks, exhaustion, healthy routines, morning routines, exercise, cleaning up calendars, optimising communication, reports replacing calls, vacations, fighting against the waves, mental shifts and loom video.


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  • 00:35 Tugba's background
  • 01:36 Shifting from account management to coaching and leadership
  • 07:56 Steps during Tugba's executive coaching transformation
  • 13:46 Origins and adaptions of 'Lead and vision'
  • 23:02 Organisations dealing with unforeseen big shifts
  • 32:35 Evolving and designing life
  • 41:54 Dealing with point of burnout 
  • 48:21 The last time Tugba did something for the first time

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