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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Vaclav Koranda

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Vaclav has been with T-Systems for over 8 years. T-Systems has around 28,000 employees worldwide and is one of the leading providers of digital services. It is a Deutsche Telekom subsidiary is headquartered in Germany.

Vaclav holds a Masters in Psychology, is HR Enthusiast and Innovator; a Keynote Speaker; Author, and a SHRM Senior Certified Professional.

Over the last 2 decades Vaclav has held positions at Skoda, Interoute, and served as a university lecturer Teaching "Personnel Management" and "Creativity & Teamwork" and weeks away from being appointed as an adjunct professor at a university in Malaysia.

In 2019, he was named included on the "101 Global HR Heroes" and received the HR Leader award from Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management. In 2020, he was named one of the most influential HR leaders in Malaysia.

Ross and Vaclav talk about publishing his book, digital transformation, HR, big transformations, working with start-ups, research, self control, road blocks, development, fast moving technology, roadmaps, flexibility, learning out loud. The pair also discuss traditional thinking, environments changing, pioneering, decline, Kodak, inability to change, life cycles, reskilling, rewarding careers, profound changes, adaptability, contributing, trying new things, emotional intelligence, grit, Jeff Bezos - It's always day 1 and seeing people as people.


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  • 00:22 Intro to Vaclav
  • 02:06 Recent winning achievements and gratitude
  • 05:01 Curating Vaclav's books content
  • 12:10 The eco system of digital transformation
  • 14:17 Innovation at speed
  • 15:30 Challenges operating fast and agile
  • 19:27 Innovation thriving and not being killed in HR transformation
  • 25:13 Navigating disruptions impact on humans
  • 34:14 The ability to let go
  • 37:06 The last time Vaclav did something for the first time
  • 39:16 Tips other HR leaders can be thinking about to help them

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