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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Emily Harman

Show Notes

Emily is the Founder & CEO of Emily Harman Coaching and Consulting. Podcast host, and the U.S. Government Account Director for Positive Intelligence.

Her career started with 34 years in the Navy, including 10 years in Naval Air Systems command, as Director at the office of small business programs.

She helps employees build mental fitness so they can fulfil their true potential for happiness and contribution to mission success.

Ross and Emily talk about The Navy, service, putting yourself first, responsibility, coaching, saboteurs, living life, regrets, reflection, mentoring, positive intelligence, podcasting, helping people, mental health, sales, influencing, self confidence, money, feelings, energy flow, playing to strengths and stress. The pair also discuss survival, peak performance, wellbeing, thriving, creativity, loving life, feeling heavy, quitting, imagination, having fun, hyper achievement, perfectionism, connections, energy leadership, energy levels, human nature, motivation, self love and compassion for yourself.


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  • 00:31 Emily's background
  • 01:28 Emily's transformation from the Navy to what she wanted to do
  • 08:38 Becoming a coach and mentor
  • 15:26 Changing perspective and enjoying things
  • 24:13 Dealing with change and self awareness
  • 30:26 Emily's future self
  • 39:30 Thoughts on negativity
  • 43:50 Organisations facing realities and looking at feelings
  • 49:02 The last time Emily did something for the first time

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