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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Steve Cadigan

Show Notes

Steve is a best selling author and one of the foremost thought leaders in the world of people and talent.  Retained by leaders, investors, organisations and governments around the world who seek to create a better future of work.


Steve is author of 'Workquake' - Embracing the aftershocks of COVID 19 to create a better model of working.  

Steve sits on the board of many fast growth HRtech and talent companies.  

And back in 2009 he was Linkedin's first CHRO, where he led the company's hyper growth from 400 to 4000 employees in 3.5 years!  

"My passion and expertise are in these core areas: the future of work, turning culture into a competitive advantage, attracting world-class talent, and the future of leadership."  

Ross and Steve talk about doing things better together, challenges, asking questions, learning, building things, managing clashes, working from scratch, low budgets, failures, competitors, recognising new landscapes, outdated methods and expecting change. The pair also discuss fast learning, truths, big leaps, reimagination, adapting, Tesla, the future of work, innovation,  problem solving, diversity, knowing your staff, optimising talent, fear of the unknown, rewards, bravery, hybrids, new experiences and seeing things with new eyes.


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  • 00:48 Steve's bio
  • 01:37 Staying motivated
  • 04:40 Joining LinkedIn during it's infancy
  • 09:39 Principles to help evaluate making decisions
  • 17:13 Approaches to initial engagement
  • 23:55 Overcoming dysfunctional pushback
  • 30:07 New challenges with unpredictability and change
  • 33:32 Why leaders are struggling to adapt
  • 38:41 The last time Steve did something for the first time

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