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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Laura Lohk

Show Notes

Laura went from  being a lawyer to Head of Operations and Consultancy at GS Fast Growth who provide Unbeatable Fast Growth Programmes For Company Leaders Who Mean Business📈 No BS, No Gimmicks, No False Promises, Just Great Results!

If The Business Leader Is Wonky, So Will Be Their Business!

Business leaders who successfully achieve growth in their businesses don’t just work harder – they achieve this because the way they think, act, and operate is fundamentally different from an average business.

If you are struggling to grow your business, struggling to see the wood for the trees, if you are burned out because you are still working in your business, instead of ON your business, it may be time to get some outside help.

Ross and Laura talk about ice breakers, mental illness, depression, homelessness, mind shifts, doing what it takes, self development, book - '7 Habits of Highly effective Teenagers', self development, volunteering, showing people who doubt you, studying law, working hard, realising your capabilities, courage, building confidence, wouldn't go back moments, therapy, hypnotherapy, changing careers and the documentary - Stutz.  The pair also discuss evidence based strategies, growing businesses, consulting, poor company foundations, entrepreneurs, support, accountability, guidance, belief, doing what it takes, ambition, resisting change, open mindedness, human connections, socialising, the company of one, giving up, going all in, being committed, film - Air, shifts, dreaming, skydiving and finally the 'because I said I would' movement.


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  • 00:29 Laura's background
  • 00:57 Why people call Laura 'Bob'
  • 02:06 The journey from Estonia to the UK
  • 05:19 From struggling to a turning point
  • 09:53 Phases after moving to the UK
  • 16:12 Moving into coaching
  • 21:04 What Laura is currently doing
  • 22:57 Results that have been generated
  • 26:36 Perfect engagements Laura could help
  • 29:43 Evolving in these current times
  • 35:58 Core essential skills valuable for success
  • 41:59 The last time Laura did something for the first time

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