The Leaders Ultimate Guide to Successful Transformation

Support your high-potential talent and most valuable leaders and make a difference, right now.

We’re seeing more change in ten years than we saw in the last one-hundred, and we’re swiftly approaching the “singularity”

According to a 2020 World Economic Forum report, 2021 research by McKinsey and Company, owing to the pandemic’s acceleration of automation, and The USA Bureau of Labor Statistics on quits data:

4.06 million workers quit their job in September 2022, just in the USA.

By 2025, 97 million new jobs will be generated.

40% of todays employment will no longer exist in ten years.

375 million individuals may need to change jobs and obtain new skills.

Develop your and your people's ability to not only cope with change but thrive with change

An environment of increased experimentation and innovation was achieved within 6 months of the AQ program!

This is what developing our adaptability muscles can offer. And the great news is, all of us are adaptable inherently, it’s just that some have built their skills and curated their environment to harness this resource more than others.

Join well-known Organizations, such as Microsoft, LVMH, UN Agencies, Government Agencies, and Amazon (AWS). by going beyond your knowledge of today, and take the deliberate steps to unlearning and unlock a new paradigm of opportunity.

We knew that we needed to prepare ourselves for the future, but we didn't know how to prepare "

Jason Slater, Chief of Finance UNIDO

Leadership has been shown to be one of the most critical factors in navigating change. That’s why our mission is to help leaders become their most inspirational and transformational selves by harnessing AQ 

Some of the learnings you'll get with this guide:


A primer on the data-driven and scientifically valid A.C.E model of AQ / adaptability


Pragmatic techniques for using adaptability muscles in leadership scenarios


Techniques for overcoming the corporate immune system response and integrating AQ in your teams


Case studies on the financial and opportunity benefits of introducing AQ into your toolset

About the Author

Ross Thornley is an exponential leader, futurist, and adaptability pioneer.

At AQai, he is co-founder, CEO, and master trainer, in-flow when building the army of highly engaged and committed pioneers. Training over 170 coaches in the science and power of human adaptability in the first year of the program.

A passionate and prolific creator and educator. Amassing over 10,000 hours of workshop design, facilitation, and keynotes over two decades. A serial entrepreneur launching and growing multiple business across; innovation, branding, training and technology.

Ross’s work is opening up new frontiers in workplace education… His ability to contextualize diverse and complex subjects, inspire and engage audiences makes him a highly sought after international speaker

-Wallstreet Journal

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