AQ Certified Pioneer

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If you are already confident that AQ Solutions will play a significant role in the future value you deliver to your clients, then this launchpad is for you, featuring AQme Assessment credits, additional coaching, masterclasses and more.

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AQ Certified Pioneer

You recognise we are living in an unpredictable world, and actively invest in the development of your business solutions to serve your clients with greater value in this VUCA* world.

*Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous

Be ready post-certification to serve your clients with 500 Assessments at a 70% discount.

Take your knowledge journey further with 1-2-1 AQ Coaching and Consulting with AQai's Founders.

Become AQ Certified and access 12+ additional AQ masterclasses for extended learning.

5 ways you as an AQ Certified Pioneer can benefit your customers.

AQ Vision

A shared vision of the future of work, careers and society, communicated intentionally with your teams and your clients, is of such significant value to those people, and intentionally delivering AQ solutions can play a critical role in that shared vision.

AQ Community

Don't underestimate the power of a community, with over 50 AQ certified organisations with a shared mindset of collaboration.

AQ Capabilities

The knowledge gain through the Certification, coaching and ongoing masterclasses levelling up the capabilities inside your company.

AQ Confidence

With an increase in capability comes enhanced confidence, leading to better results and increased revenue for you every time.

AQ Co-Elevation

We all gain value from elevating ourselves, and in elevating others, it's really why we do what we do, to provide elevation and value to others.

A community of specialists

Join a community of AQ Certified Practitioners and Specialists on monthly webinars and in its own unique slack community for collaboration

We aim to utilize the AQ tool within individual coaching engagements, with facilitated leadership programmes and to embed in talent initiatives with a multitude of client organisations, to both enrich and inform talent development and decision-making.

Tara Cherniawski

Director of Consulting, Propel International, UAE

Our mission is to build adaptive organisations where people and business thrive. Together. We engage in this AQai certification because we believe it's the best available solution backed by a supersolid team and research. No doubt this unique tool will help our customers build and sustain their adaptive capacity.

Geert Geens

Co-owner and consultant | Beanmachine

AQai will help people, teams and organizations to be aware of their state in term of their adaptability, so they will have a point, and a guidance, on where to start a never-ending journey, and future-proof their future of work.

Rafael Puerto Vázquez

Business Agility Catalyst Change Maker

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AQ Certified Pioneer

Best value for large scale assessments with full support


(Savings of over £18,000)

500+ Assessments (Value £20,000)

AQ Foundation Certification (value £750)

Up to 100+ AQteam insight reports

Dedicated Onboarding & Partner Support

12 Months Access To Live & Recorded AQ Masterclasses (Value £96)

AQ 1-2-1 Coaching or Consultancy (Value £750)

Discounts on re-assessments (save 75%)

Manage multiple clients from within your platform account

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