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AQ Pioneer

Discover how easily your team is able to adapt to circumstances, challenges, and change, in your workplace and in your market.

Empower teams with skills and confidence they need for a future full of success.

Supercharge your high-adapters and quickly identify those struggling with change.

AQ Certified experts are here to help you at every stage of your adaptability journey

10 ways organisations use AQ Pioneer to level up their teams.

Cultivating hope, team support, innovation, and reducing stress

Reskilling & Upskilling

Utilise your existing team resource to produce different results for your organisation with new skill initiatives. Employee job change and career augmentation. Helping them to reskill & upskill within your organisation.

Mergers & Acquisition

Manage new teams or organisations coming on board by understanding key measures of adaptability.

Digital Transformation

Choose the right internal team for the job to navigate new process implementation with grit, resilience and motivation style. De-risk digital transformation / change programs.

Employee Retention

Nurture your existing team by helping them strengthen their AQ muscle with rich insights and actionable activities.

Leadership Development

Understand how adaptable your management teams are in order to develop them to drive the organization's success.

Change Management

Focus on the human side of change by measuring the soft skills of culture within your teams and actively develop them.

Health & Wellbeing

Focus on the human side of change by measuring the soft skills of culture within your teams and actively develop them. Improve employee wellbeing minimising anxiety and stress, and increasing management & resilience. You would like to expand the support for the mental health and wellbeing of your teams equipping them for future change.

Measure ROI & L&D

Measure ROI on L&D initiatives linked to future-readiness, change and innovation.

Accelerate Innovation

Accelerate innovation initiatives: identifying the right talent from the offset. Building teams with complimentary attributes. Improving your people’s resilience, flexible mindset, and unlearning.

Unlock Insights

Create multiple teams within the AQai platform, with members unlocking truly actionable insights.

Join the pack

Some of the world's most respected companies trust AQai and are currently leveraging the AQ movement

Insights for a new team merger

As IMEG grows through a series of critical mergers and acquisitions, it was important for the internal teams to gain an understanding of the AQ strengths and weaknesses in order to develop training programs to develop this as a valuable skill.

Paul VanDuyne

CEO at IMEG Corporation

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Unlock the potential in your teams for 2021. Join us to focus on resilience, emotional health, grit, hope and mental flexibility.

AQ Pioneer

Best value for large scale assessments with full support


500 AQ Assessments (Value £20,000)

Data on 17 AQ Dimensions including Resilience and Mental Flexibility

Actionable Insights & access to a growing AQ Learning Lab (AQ Boosting resources online)

Up to 100 AQ Team insight reports - identify your areas of organizational danger and opportunity

Dedicated Onboarding & Client Success Support

12 Months Access To Live monthly AQ Masterclasses

AQ Consultancy - from program planning, to execution and analysis

Discount on re-assessments - prove ROI and track AQ performance growth

AQ Foundations Certification (value £750)