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With the acute awareness of the current global situation deeply affecting millions of individuals and workforces, we're running promotional offers to encourage more people to start their adaptability journey today. The AQ assessment, personalized report and actionable insights are just one step away.


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1 Assessment

Data on 15 AQ Dimensions

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AQ Team Insight Reports

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Mastermind Sessions / Bespoke Consultancy

Free Re-assessments

AQ Certification

Per Assessment

AQ Team

Start your AQ journey with a small amount of assessments


5 - 499 Assessments

Data on 17 AQ Dimensions

Actionable Insights

AQteam insight reports

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3 Months Access To Live Masterclasses

Mastermind Sessions / Bespoke Consultancy

Free Re-assessments

AQ Certification

Per Assessment

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AQ Booster

Delve further into the world of AQ with additional support


50 Assessments

Data on 17 AQ Dimensions

Actionable Insights

Up to 10 AQteam insight reports

Onboarding Support

3 Months Access To Live Masterclasses

3 x Mastermind sessions with the AQai team

Free re-assessments (up to 50)

AQ Certification

AQ Pioneer

Best value for large scale assessments with and full support


500+ Assessments

Data on 17 AQ Dimensions

Actionable Insights

Up to 100+ AQteam insight reports

Dedicated Onboarding & Support

12 Months Access To Live Masterclasses

AQai Consultancy (2 hrs)

Discount on re-assessments (up to 500)

AQ Foundations Certification


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Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to your questions here

Will I get a detailed insights report?

Each individual will receive their own personalised AQme report and be empowered to maintain and improve their results with actionable insights.

If you're Champion user with AQteam, you'll have full control over your organization’s AQ results to provide you with insights at an organizational level. For example, the insights might reveal that an increase of 10% in resilience will result in an average AQ increase of 30% and a decrease in work stress of 30% – for which we would then naturally recommend resilience training. Reports are downloadable and shareable from the dashboard.

How long does the assessment take to complete?

The average time to complete the assessment is 25 minutes and then however long you wish to take to digest and analyse your AQ profile in the dashboard, we encourage you to visit and revisit your results and focus on the lowest few so it doesn't feel overwhelming.

Do you help with onboarding support?

For all plans there are online platform tours that will help you get the most out of it and there's always online chat support when needed.

For AQteam plans, there is a comprehensive platform tour that will show you the ropes and online chat support for any other queries.

For AQpioneer plan, a customer success manager will spend time understanding your organization’s needs and dive deeper into how you can get the most out of the AQ platform.

How did you create and test the assessment?

In collaboration with a Doctoral Researcher at a European Business School, we confirmed that our assessment fulfils the standards of good psychometric measures.

We ensured our measures are valid by conducting several factor analyses and by cross-comparing qualitative data from the chatbot conversations with existing measures of adaptability.

Finally, we ensured that the predictive model (AQ PredOpt model) used a thorough analytical strategy, so it captures employee adaptability in the real world (and not only in the laboratory). We used a hierarchical regression model to account for the potential effect/ noise of the context (company, location and etc.) and used bootstrapping techniques to minimize for biases.

How do you measure adaptability?

We use an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chatbot with a personality, named Aida, who has deeply learned our research-backed and scientifically-validated adaptability model. Aida will guide you or your team through a natural, engaging conversation in order to accurately garner the information to gain their AQ (Adaptability Quotient) profile.

What happens to the assessment data?

We take data protection very seriously. All assessment data is encrypted and stored securely in the cloud, in line with current GDPR standards. Individual data is anonymous to their Champion unless the Individual agrees to make their results visible from within their Account section. For detailed information on our enterprise level security visit our Security page.

How is this different from personality tests?

Where personality tests measure the 20% of our psychological makeup that is biological, innate, and much harder to change; our AQ assessment is a study of mindsets, behaviours and predictors that are learnable and possible to develop.

Furthermore, AQ is vital in the modern climate of accelerating change, it’s fast becoming one of the determining factors in ‘surviving vs thriving’ in the future of work.

We’re pioneering research into how our AQ Assessment complements some of the more widely used psychometric tests in the market, deepening your self-knowledge and actionable insights.

How can AQ analysis help my organization?

Understanding how your team members might respond to change allows you to maximise the chance of success with transformation programmes by mitigating risk by identifying your change heroes and those who need more support. We’re empowering you to be human first with never-before-seen insights before initiating any change directives.

Are assessments mandatory for teams?

This is at your organization’s discretion and will be dependent on the intended use of analysing AQ data i.e. for recruitment purposes or to understand existing employee scores. Depending on the intended use, our team can provide templates to assist roll out; one for optional assessments and one if you would like to make it mandatory.

What will be the next step post assessment?

We’re working hard to create a platform for AQ growth through digital coaching to be released in 2021.

Growth starts with putting a line in the sand and understanding where you are today in order to improve for the future. We suggest reassessing employee AQ in milestone points that align to your organisation’s strategic goals.Next steps, post assessment, we’ll provide you with actionable insights for the individual and for the organisation. We then hand the baton over to you to implement these initiatives.