Adapting from competitors to becoming collaborators

February 5, 2021
Ross Thornley Feat Dean Jackson

Show notes

Dean Jackson is the co-creator of I Love Marketing and many other programs, is often regarded as the Marketing Buddha, a marketing philosopher, and marketing genius.
Ross and Dean discuss collaboration, the world migrating, advancements through history, his podcast (Welcome to Cloudlandia), equalisers and access to content. The pair also talk about unlearning, deconstructing, discovering opportunities and adaptability.


  • 57s Dean's background
  • 01:40 The group Free Zone Frontier
  • 03:34 Adapting from competitors to becoming collaborators
  • 05:22 A bit about Cloudlandia
  • 14:16 Netflix and Blockbuster in our lifetimes
  • 16:58 Dealing with being forced to change
  • 19:43 Rethinking and adapting old processes
  • 25:36 What can organisations do to look at the world differently
  • 32:27 How to start thinking like an entrepreneur
  • 36:57 Lasting impressions from the  AQai me assessment

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Dean Jackson
Podcast: Wecome to Cloudlandia
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Free Zone Frontier

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Here’s to those who see the world differently.

They’re the ones who are brave, ambitious and experimental. While some might see risk and disruption – we see hope.

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