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July 7, 2020
Ross Thornley Feat. Amanda Solosky CEO of on AI Digital Twins

Show notes

Amanda Solosky is the co-founder and co-CEO of LA-based (formerly Rival Theory). She has successfully delivered AI-based products across interactive entertainment, VR, and Hollywood, used by over 100,000 studios in 26 countries. Host Ross Thornley and Amanda discuss the future of using artificial intelligence to create both fictional and real characters for different worlds, building and collaborating more by creating virtual personas, and solving problems through a game while also learning things along the way.


  • :57: Why was created
  • 2:16: Creating remarkable work
  • 4:40: New focus — and what is next
  • 6:59: The beginnings of adaptive storytelling in games
  • 9:27: Benefits to the public of future projects
  • 12:07: Historical and living individuals such as Tony Robbins, currently being worked on
  • 16:58: The vision for the level of creating emotional relationships — and the difference to chatbots
  • 21:30: How might a persona help someone going through an unexpected change
  • 26:08: The pivot from storyline, entertainment, and gaming to quality of life, wellness, and education of real people
  • 30:57: Honing in on something only you can do
  • 34:55: Overcoming challenges and pushback in these unique concepts
  • 40:26: The future of AI
  • 42:45: Who would Amanda like to bring to AI life to


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