Behavioural Change with The Bolder Company

July 27, 2021
Ross Thornley Feat. Jenny Drescher and Ellen Feldman Ornato

Show notes

The Bolder Company is the catalyst for the lasting behavioural change that empowers businesses to thrive. They connect individuals to themselves, to each other, and to the futures of their organizations. They also combine fully experiential, improvisation-based learning with grounded, outcomes-focused content to produce lasting behavioural change.

Ross, Jenny and Ellen talk about improvisation exercises, pitching, being authentic, networking, representing themselves and how to keep going when feeling awkward. The group also discuss feeling more comfortable, teaching people with improv, giving ourselves permission, evolving, communication, being venerable and finally avoiding burnout.


  • 01:02 The Bolder Company and the ladies backgrounds
  • 04:20 Key things that have shaped how the ladies work
  • 07:29 How from improv to high stakes and real business impact
  • 10:49 Getting positive feedback
  • 15:21 Leaders managing themselves now environments are shifting and changing so rapidly
  • 20:18 Unlearning and letting go of old ways of working
  • 24:49 The story behind the company name 'The Bolder Company'
  • 30:48 Communicating well in a remote environment eg zoom.
  • 37:30 Tips on slowing down people who are burning out
  • 40:20 Saying no gracefully and not being negative
  • 44:37 Step out to step in

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Connect with Ross:

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