Digital transformation

August 3, 2021
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Greg Verdino

Show notes

Greg Verdino is a Business Futurist & Digital Transformation expert, keynote speaker, author and advisor. With 25 years spent working at the forefront of change, during which time he has advised hundreds of organizations including more than 50 of the Fortune 500.

Ross and Greg talk about becoming a sociologist, sociology in advertising,  communication, change, taking risks and moving too fast. The pair also discuss driving change more effectively, digital transformation, ecosystems, collaborating and leadership.


  • 1:30 Why did Greg chose sociology as a degree
  • 6:18 Pivotal moments after Greg shifted his way in thinking
  • 10:56 Why is change so hard
  • 14:05 Shifting behaviour on the inside and seeing change as good
  • 20:47 Creating The Adapt Manifesto
  • 25:24 Greg's values - evolutionary change over revolutionary disruption
  • 28:38 Balance across organisations compared to individuals
  • 32:18 Curiosity over certainty
  • 38:10 Inclusivity and competition not actually being competition
  • 45:57 Practical steps organisations can take
  • 52:29 Doing things for the first time

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Here’s to those who see the world differently.

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