Fundamentals in E-Learning and immersive technology

March 23, 2021
Ross Thornley Feat. Lars Hyland

Show notes

Lars Hyland is a well-known figure in the HR and workplace learning community, advocating the adoption of adaptable and flexible technology designed to support the new world of work. Lars is an expert in the field of Talent Experience, that brings together learning, engagement and performance management practices to drive employee satisfaction and productivity.

Ross and Lars talk about online media,  different domains of technology, computers, AI, interactive media, performance support and simulations. The pair also talk about training, learning, as well as the brittleness and resilience of organisations.


  • 55 Lars' background
  • 03:19 Things that have shaped Lars' career and some highlights
  • 08:56 Lars' perspective on the fundamentals in E Learning and immersive technology that have stayed true that we can learn from
  • 13:40 What Lars has implemented in big companies to help them follow through and be successful
  • 19:01 What has Lars seen to help people through uncertainty
  • 25:41 An experience where a training programme worked well with an organisation  
  • 31:06 An epic fail in an organisation
  • 37:42 Lars predicts some valuable skills to prepare for the next 5 years.
  • 45:35: Final point about the changes in organisations

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