A V.U.C.A. World

October 28, 2020
Ross Thornley Feat Ira Wolfe

Show notes

Ira Wolfe is the President and Chief Googlization Officer at Success Performance Solutions. Terrified and fascinated by VUCA-level change, a future of work global thought Leader and author. Host Ross Thornley and Ira discuss 'what is VUCA' (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) and why does it matter? Skills he thinks are essential for the next decade and what people could start doing today to help them thrive in an exponential world?


  • :58:  Ira's background
  • 2:44:  Life before Success Performance Solutions and highlights along the way
  • 8:13:  Ira's freedom to move around and how he identifies
  • 10:05:  Critical thinking in approach to practice and how it evolved
  • 14:58:  VUCA and why it's important
  • 18:24:  Who can we learn from
  • 24:29:  Unlearning, including stories involving it's positives and difficulties  
  • 36:11:  Practical ways to help individuals prepare for the future
  • 45:15:   Ira's favourite chapter from all of his books and why.
  • 48:41:   What Ira is most excited about in the future of Success Performance Solutions


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