Digital transformation

January 20, 2021
Ross Thornley Ft. Matt Burns

Show notes

Matt is a passionate, innovative & accomplished global HR Executive, Advisor, Consultant, Speaker & Podcast Host who sits at the intersection of technology, data & culture.  Today, as Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer at BentoHR, a digital transformation consultancy providing advisory services & workshops that align strategy, technology & data to create more human-centric workplaces with clients around the globe.
Ross and Matt discuss marketing, HR, humanity, creating culture in organisations, restructuring, decision making, managerial tactics, becoming adaptable and initiating change.


  • 57: Matt's Background
  • 5:35: What has shaped Matt's thinking in practical terms
  • 11:55: Matt's advice to companies who have put off making big decisions
  • 17:16: Managing new goals
  • 22:38: Advice on supporting people whose roles have to change
  • 28:10: Tips to start adaptability and change
  • 34:09: Thoughts on mental fitness
  • 41:45: Digital transformation and what has Matt's done in Bento to adapt for the future

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